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Dynamic positioning (DP) INTERFACE

Dynamic positioning (DP)  INTERFACE
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Product Code : AIDP300
Product Description

Dynamic positioning (DP)  INTERFACE

Retrofit up gradation to DP in OSVs!

we did it in seventeen OSV in Mumbai. We successfully integrated Kongsberg Simrad SDP / Alstom with existing controls of OSV. Electro- pneumatics- hydraulic controlled CPP / BT / steering into electronic controls compatible to DP ( Dynamic Positioning).

Product Qualification.

AIDP 300 has class approval certificate from IRS for the above job.

History of Up gradation.

As technology advances it is reflected in the significant advancements of the latest control systems that are designed in new ships. Dynamic Positioning (DP) is one typical example of such a control system. But what can one do with the existing old ships, since originally there was no provision to add DP controls? Well, there are solutions for them too. The options are

Replace the entire existing control system electronics with Latest DP compatible system.

Introduce a smart interface unit to make the old system Compatible for DP.

While the former will be cost, time and effort intensive and the latter will be less expensive, quick and easy solution. Hence an efficient interface unit is having an important role. This is where ACSPL product AIDP 300 comes into the picture as it is an exclusive design for the above duty.

As the offshore production areas become more congested, the demand for dynamically positioned vessels, barges and platforms increases rapidly. Rather than scrapping older vessels and replacing them with DP-capable new ships, many existing vessels are being upgraded for DP at a fraction of the cost of replacement.


A shipping vessel is subjected to various external forces such as wind, waves and water current. The dynamic positioning system understands the shift in the position of the vessel due the above forces by receiving related feedback signals.

Gyro, GPS etc are the most important equipments in giving the position related feedbacks. DP computer calculates the magnitude and direction of the required forces to counter act the change in feedback. It generates the proper command signals to control the propulsion related equipments like thrusters, steering and propellers. Thus the counter acting thrusts are getting generated by the above equipments. All the thrust related equipments will be under the control of DP computer in DP mode. A good DP system will not allow the vessel to drift from its set position irrespective of the external forces. Hence the actual performance of the DP system is partly depends on the external equipments also.


Interfacing is to connect two different type of systems so that they can communicate with each other to function effectively. It is very important to note that mechanical parts used in old type CPP gear box and new type gear box are not much different but electronics behind them are far from comparable. Electronics in the last a half century has developed tremendously. Hence well designed interfaces for old system will be an excellent technical solution to achieve this goal.


While converting existing vessel into DP vessels, DP processing unit may not match with existing equipments and its electronics. Thus in such cases we can interface by designing new electronics so that old system can be used compatibly with the new DP system.