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Company Profile

Akshtronica® is a Mumbai based marine Electronics Company specialized in areas of

  • Marine Propulstion & Thruster Controls ( CPP/BT/Steering/Thruster)
  • Marine Controls & Automation
  • Marine Alarms & Instrumentation
  • Marine Control Accessories- sensors, probes, switches, gauges, solenoids etc.
  • Steering Controls  (independent, synchronous)
  • Dynamic Positioning ( DP) Interface
  • Azimuth Thruster Controls
  • Pitch indicators, Rudder Angle Indicators & Tank Level Indicators
  • Main Engine Electronic governors
  • Engine order telegraph
  • Shaft RPM, Engine RPM, Engine Safety Interlock
  • Marine Boiler Automation, Inert Gas & OMD System
  • Monitoring Equipments for Alarm, Pressure, Level, Load & Temperature etc.
  • Customised Marine Products & Development
  • Marine Control PCB Design, Re-design & Development
  • Retrofit commissioning of obsolete control systems.

For old vessels having problem with any of the above marine controls, irrespective of the the make or brand we can offer very cost effective solution in Indian rupees with ready stock.

 Akshtronica® offers a product portfolio encompassing a wide range of marine control & automation products, associated modules, sensors etc. The entire process of design and development of new controls, automation modules and systems are undertaken by us. We manufacture & the equipment as standalone modules as well as design and execute its integration with the existing system. Our robust and stable products are architectured to incorporate state-of-the-art features that provide speed, accuracy, redundancy, reliability, and maintainability. Specified products are tested and qualified for rough environmental conditions and safety features to meet the requirements on the high seas.

 Akshtronica® is well equipped with the infrastructure and a dedicated R&D team that works for continued development of new products and upgrades of some earlier versions. The R & D team was formed in an endeavor to meet the challenges of developing control and automation systems and modules ingenuously.

 Our Retrofit Thruster Control Projects

We have developed in house capabilities to provide complete solutions to the customer right from system design to building the system and its final commissioning. Most of the products which we have developed are equivalent to replace obsolete spares.

If your vessel is old and having problem with Thruster Electronics (CPP, azimuth, steering, bow thruster, steering), no matter whichever make or  brand we can give very cost effective solution in Indian rupees, ready stock with warranty.

From our past  twenty year experience in various  marine controls, it is observed that most of the mechanical gear boxes / assembly remain in working condition for years together, but electronic controls often give trouble after eight to ten years. Most of the time OEM agents recommend the complete replacement of the system at an exorbitant price with longer lead time. That is where ACSPL can come in to replace only the control component thus optimizing time and cost. Basically our attempt is to help the Indian ship owners to give cost effective, economical solution with minimum down time. Most importantly we give one year offsite warranty for our products as mentioned in our offer letter.

This product has been designed to work with popular  thruster systems Wartsila, Lips, Rolls-Royce, Kamewa, Bird-Johnson, Ulstein, Berg, Brunvoll, Schotte etc.

Marine Control PCB's
ACSPL is specialized in MARINE ELECTRONIC PCB design, repairing & redesigning or reverse engineering. Electronic PCB are integral part of any marine equipments and systems. As this products are keeps on updating, manufacturers discontinuing old PCB's. Quite often, because of this reason ship owners are force to replace complete equipments. This required considerable amount of down time and money. We have group of talented R&D, design and service engineers who are specialized in marine electronics.
  • Marine PCB Repairing:
When a marine PCB is defective, do not scrap it unless expert so. We have a computerized multi- functional repair station. One million IC data available. Whenever we repair an PCB, we leave a copy of data in our system so that next time same type PCB repairing is faster. We can program test jig for your PCB testing. Computer mapping for fast repairing. In circuit testing of Integrated Circuits (IC) IDDE (Integrated Device Development Environment).
  • Marine PCB Reverse Engineering / Redesigning:

Redesigning or Reverse engineering is an engineering process which used to generate electronic circuit diagram from the PCB. This is the reverse process of designing and it is used when no details of PCB are available them is the need to replace an obsolete board that is no longer available from the original manufacturer (OEM). When a ship is become old by ten years, OEM stop production or modify the electronic circuits, hence replacements such PCB may not be available for replacement...

Quality Assurance

Akshtronica® is committed in continually improving the effectiveness of the quality management system and to set the quality objectives and work plans. We are committed to upgrade the capabilities of the technical and administrative staff through formal training and continuous technical and quality awareness.

With Akshtronica® you can be assured of products with:-

  • State-of-the-Art Technology
  • R&D Back Up
  • Custom Made or Tailor Made to Suit System Requirement
  • Compatibility with Almost All Existing and New Systems
  • Quality Products
  • Cost Effectiveness
  • Prompt and Speedy Solutions.